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YES on Measure S


  • Attracts & retain high-quality teachers for every classroom and enhanced training for all teachers.

  • Maintains smaller class sizes and creates better learning environments for students.

  • Expands science, technology, engineering & math programs to set students on a pathway for college and careers.

  • Improves student safety through appropriate supervision at all schools. 

  • Join us by VOTING YES on MEASURE S! YES FOR OGSD, Yes for students, staff and schools.



Oak Grove School District provides an excellent education that prepares students for high school, competitive colleges and 21st-century careers. This is possible thanks to strong academic programs, excellent staff, high-performing students and a supportive community.

About a Parcel Tax Measure

To protect the quality of education and instruction in our local schools, the Oak Grove School District Board of Trustees provided consensus to place a parcel tax measure on the March 2020 Ballot. More information on the measure can be found here. By retaining and attracting the highest-quality teachers and staff, we can improve student achievement and continue providing an excellent education to students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are Oak Grove schools performing?

A. Oak Grove School District focuses on strengthening the fundamentals of a quality education and helping students achieve the highest standards. We continue to outperform the State. Thanks to 21st-century academic programs in math, science, reading, and writing, as well as highly qualified teachers, student test scores are above the State’s standard for excellence. Recently, two of our Intermediate Schools Bernal and Herman/AdVENTURE were named California Distinguished Schools and we were awarded the “Golden Bell” award from California School Board Association.

Q. Why do Oak Grove schools need more funding?

A. Our district continues to face ongoing funding challenges, as our schools are among the lowest funded schools in Santa Clara County. The State has proven to be an unreliable partner in providing adequate funding to support the level of academic achievement we have come to expect in Oak Grove School District. A local funding measure creates a stable source of annual revenue that schools can count on to help support academic programs and retain teachers.

Q. How is the Oak Grove School District planning to protect quality education in our schools?

A. To continue providing 21st-century instruction that prepares students to excel in high school and college and compete in the global economy, the Oak Grove School District Board of Trustees is considering a local parcel tax measure on the March 2020 ballot. The measure would provide locally-controlled funding that would stay here in our community to maintain an outstanding 21st-century education. No funds from this measure could be taken away by the State.

Q. Specifically, what would a local funding measure support in Oak Grove schools?

A. A local funding measure could improve education, student achievement, and safety in neighborhood schools by:
• Hiring, retaining and training high-quality teachers;
• Maintain class sizes;
• Expanding math, science and technology education;
• Ensuring adequate student supervision and safety through appropriate staffing; and

•Providing physical education programs.

Q. How do I know that these local funds would be spent as promised?

A. A potential measure would require fiscal accountability provisions including:
• All funds must stay local to benefit OGSD schools and cannot be taken by the State
• An independent oversight committee would review expenditures to ensure funds are spent as intended
• Senior citizen homeowners would be eligible for a tax exemption
• The measure would expire in 9 years and could not be renewed without voter approval

Q. Could this funding be taken away by the State?

A. No. All funds generated by this measure would go straight to Oak Grove School District schools – the State could not take away a single penny.

Q. Do other elementary school districts have local parcel taxes?

A. Most elementary school districts in Santa Clara County are supported by local parcel tax measures because these measures are the only way schools can fund academic programs with stable, locally-controlled revenue. The State is an unreliable partner and does not provide sufficient funding to maintain the 21st-century academic programs that prepare our students for success. Through a local parcel tax measure, our community could help our schools provide students with a strong education like our neighboring communities.

Q. How much would the measure cost?

A. The measure would cost $132 per parcel and generate approximately $3.4 million a year. The measure would expire in 9 years and could not be renewed without voter approval. This exceptional investment for our students would only cost $11 a month.

Q. When will the measure appear on a ballot?

A. This measure will appear on the March 2020 ballot. All registered voters in the Oak Grove School District will be eligible to vote on the measure. Make sure you are registered to vote, the last day for voter registration is February 18, 2019.

Q. What is the difference between a parcel tax and a bond measure?

A. A bond measure and parcel tax measure are used for different purposes—a bond measure can only fund facility upgrades and improvements, and cannot be used for operating costs or programs. No bond funds can be used for hiring or retaining teachers or staff. A bond requires 55% voter approval to pass. Revenue from a parcel tax, may be used to support academic programs and services as well as to support attracting and retaining the best teachers and staff for our students. A parcel tax requires 67% voter approval to pass.

Q. How can I receive more information or ask questions?

A. Please contact with any questions or check out for more details.



Making A Difference

Join us for our weekend "Honk and Waves", neighborhood Coffee Hot Spots or our door to door outreach.  On February 1, 15, and 29.  We will be in 5 locations throughout the District.  Sign-up on the volunteer link.

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Measure S Endorsements:

Oak Grove Educators Association

Dominic Rizzi - President, Oak Grove Educators Association

California Schools Employees Association

Jose L. Manzo - Superintendent

Charles Baylot - President, CSEA Chapter 412

Manny Barbara - Former Oak Grove School District Superintendent 

Sergio Jimenez - San Jose City Councilmember District 2

Ash Kalra - Assembly Member 27th California Assembly District

Evan Low - Assembly Member 28th California Assembly District

Peter Ortiz - Board Member, Area 6 Santa Clara County Board of Education

Joseph Di Salvo - Board Member, Area 4 Santa Clara County Board of Education

Claudia Rossi - Board Member, Area 7 Santa Clara County Board of Education

Sean Shannon - Treasurer Stipe PFA

Rachelle Ramirez - Executive Assistant

Rene Ramirez - Chief Operations Officer Home First

Annamarie Matthews - Education Specialist

Vern Caruz - Principal

Laura Meusel - Administrator

Ginelyn Doldolea-Kudsi - Principal

Genvieve Dorsey - Principal

John Mackey- Board President, Oak Grove School District

Jorge Pacheco Jr. - Board Vice President, Oak Grove School District

Mary Noel - Board Member, Oak Grove School District 

Brian LoBue - Board Member, Oak Grove School District  

Tami Moore - Board Member, Oak Grove School District  

Lorena Chavez, East Side Union High School District

Jose Magaña, Trustee, San Jose Unified School District

Kristiina Arrasmith, Vice President, Campbell Union High School District

Maimona Afzal, Vice President, Franklin-McKinley School District

Devon Conley, Vice President, Mountain View-Whisman School District

Maya Esparza, San Jose City Council, D7

Magdalena Carrasco, San Jose City Council - D3

Rosemary Kamei, Trustee, Santa Clara County School Board

Corina Herrera-Loera, Trustee, Alum Rock School Board

Marisa Hanson, Trustee, Evergreen School District

Jon Reinke - Chairperson, Oak Grove Citizens Bond Oversight Committee

Sarah Kates-March - Principal

Margarita Mendoza - Parent and Community Organizer

Augusto Letona - Parent

Lorena Wright - Parent

Mark Judge - Grandparent

Andrea Judge - Retired OGSD teacher and grandmother

Brenna Juull - Teacher

Tracy Cochran - Principal

Oscar Ortiz - Director

Rebecca Munson - Frost Elementary First Grade Teacher

Tamara Lynn Unck - Principal

Felicia Garlick - Parent

Sergio Rizzi - EdTech TOSA

Mari Beal - Parent and Sakamoto Elementary DAC Representative

Susan Sanders - Grandparent, Retired Educator

Nicole Barron - Teacher

Johnette Rutledge - Parent

Jacquelyn Adams - Community Member, Grandparent, Past Member Board of Trustees

Forrest Williams- Grandparent

Walter D. Sanders- Community Member, Grandparent

Rebecca Noriega - Parent

Bruce Neff - Teacher (EdTech Specialist)

Jackee Keirns - 8th Grade History Teacher

Robert Prola - Teacher & Parent

Susan Kind - Principal

Lauryce Haney - Principal

Todd Haney - Community Member

Julie Cordy - 1st Grade Teacher

Anne Sanfilippo - Teacher

Madeline Marshall - Teacher

Kirat Sachdev - Teacher

Dawn Tsiao - Teacher

Ivan Chaidez - Assistant Superintendent

Cindy Bosworth - Education Specialist

Jenay Enna - Principal

Sheetal Singh - Principal

Mark Lepori - Principal

Ashleigh O’Sullivan - Teacher

Heather Ackard - Teacher

Melissa Kunde - Teacher

Patricia Mondragón - Principal

Ellen Wheeler, Trustee, Mountain View Whisman School District
Lisa Andrew, Silicon Valley Education Foundation
Lee Wassem - Parent
Yolanda Ross - Principal
Kellee Humphrey - Teacher
Fariba Roberts - Teacher
Elizabeth Kerridge - Teacher
Matt Mahan - D10 Candidate for San Jose City Council

Upcoming Events
Honk and Wave #4
Sat, Feb 29
Beswick Drive & Cottle Road
Feb 29, 10:00 AM
Beswick Drive & Cottle Road, Beswick Dr & Cottle Rd, San Jose, CA 95123, USA
Come out for our last Honk and Wave!
Get the Word Out Walk #4
Sat, Feb 29
George Miner Elementary School
Feb 29, 9:00 AM
George Miner Elementary School, 5629 Lean Ave, San Jose, CA 95123, USA
This is our last weekend to go door to door to share information about Measure S.


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